What is strength and conditioning at Rove Fitness?

Strength and conditioning isn’t just about exercise, working out, lifting weights, or doing cardio. Instead it is about creating a fitness level for yourself that gives you the abilities to perform the activities in your life you enjoy. Achieving and maintaining the right fitness level removes fear and worry that may come with doing the things you enjoy the most. When asked to do something your first concern should be finding your shoes, not worrying if you are physically capable of doing it. That’s where strength and conditioning at Rove Fitness comes in.

Strength and conditioning is a combination of functional strength building and cardiovascular fitness. It combines all the important components that make up a fit and healthy individual that will carry over to all kinds of lifestyles.

Here are a few examples:

The middle aged individual: Let’s face it as we get older, activities that used to be easy become more difficult, and our age gets incorrectly blamed for it. The real issue is as we age our fitness level typically declines, meaning our tolerance to the same activities decreases. By simply working to increase your fitness level you will find your tolerance to daily activities will improve significantly. Rove Fitness can help you do just that.

Individuals with desk jobs: There is no question the increased sedentary work environment has had a negative impact on our fitness level and overall health. Many of us no longer have jobs and careers that challenge us physically on a regular basis. Because of this we now need to place a priority on maintaining an active lifestyle outside of our jobs. The combination of strength and cardiovascular fitness training at Rove is an efficient way to combat the negative effects of a sedentary work environment.

The weekend warrior: If you already enjoy an active lifestyle Rove Fitness can help you maintain that lifestyle and even improve it. While going to a gym and working out like a bodybuilder (3 sets of 10) will help you build muscle, it won’t necessarily translate well to hiking in the woods, playing city league basketball, or any number of activities you enjoy. Your body and mind need to be challenged in ways that mimic the activity you are going to do, and the variety in training at Rove Fitness will give you exactly that. Your body and mind will be challenged in different ways every time you walk through the doors, making it the perfect option for those that enjoy a variety of activities.

Individuals wanting to invest in their health: Maybe your goals aren’t based on what we traditionally think of as fitness. Maybe you just want to do your household chores with less physical effort? Perhaps you just want to be able to play with your grandkids? Or maybe you just want to be able to go to the bathroom by yourself in your eighties or nineties? To reach these and other goals requires an investment in yourself and your health, and Rove Fitness is here to help you do just that. The combination of strength and cardiovascular training is an efficient way to improve your health without an unreasonable time commitment.

So, no matter your goals or activity level, strength and conditioning at Rove Fitness can help you reach and exceed what you thought possible. One way that is accomplished is through the class setting. By coming to class at a set time, under the instruction of qualified coaches, and with like minded individuals you will be more likely to stick to it and improve your health and wellness. You will always be encouraged by the coaches and participants, exercises will be tailored specifically to your ability, and the class setting removes any uncertainty you may have about what to do, or how to do an exercise. Strength and conditioning at Rove Fitness is the way to go for a healthy and active lifestyle.