Kelle CaponiISSA CPT, Nutrition Specialist, CSCS

I began my journey of healthier eating in 2015. As a mother of three, all under the age of 3, and a new crossfit member, I needed more energy and also wanted to build a strong body that would support my fitness goals. I made my changes slowly, and through consistent tracking and monitoring, I adapted my nutrition plan as my goals, body composition, and fitness challenges evolved. Through my love of fitness, discipline, and math I learned how to properly fuel my body for day to day living, high intensity workouts, as well as ultrarunning and numerous other endurance events.

As a Nutrition Specialist, I offer the support and knowledge you need to help you as you begin or continue your own journey towards healthier living, eating, and supporting your fitness needs. We will talk about your goals, measure your body composition, devise a nutrition plan catered to your needs and lifestyle, and meet on a regular basis to evaluate your progress and any alterations that may be needed as time progresses.

Each class gives you an opportunity to develop a growth mindset since we can start with scaled versions of movements and gradually work towards the standard version. This mindset is vital in creating a life that you can be proud of.

Facing hard times? Good! This is exactly how you grow – by sticking with it and making it through to the other side. As a coach, my job is to make sure you are performing the movements safely and to also make sure you are challenging yourself bit by bit to reveal to yourself who you really are.

Be the person who kept fighting and didn’t quit.

–Kelle Caponi

Kinsey Zellerhoff – HIIT Certified, AFAA GFI 

It’s safe to say that my health and fitness journey has been ever changing. I grew up dancing and participating in sports, then adulthood hit and things shifted (they never tell you about that! LOL). Once I started my family, I made a decision in 2012 that I wanted to be healthier. I quit smoking and got my Zumba Fitness license. Being a dancer my whole life it just made sense to start there. I fell in love with the format and have since then completed almost every training Zumba has to offer. I also attended CrossFit on and off because I love the rush of lifting and completing something that seems so difficult. The atmosphere and encouragement I received while lifting helped push me each time I walked through those doors.

With all of these trainings and experiences, I have learned a lot about myself and how my body responds; things change as we get more “experienced” in age! I also am a certified Group Fitness Instructor (GFI) through AFFA (Athletics and Fitness Association of America). This has helped me with being able to modify for specific needs, as well as be a better teacher/coach, in any of the formats I instruct!

This new adventure at Rove has been amazing! I have grown to love the variety of fitness formats I put in my schedule and have found that it has helped tremendously in my day-to-day life by providing an outlet and healthy self-care so I am a better wife, and mother to my three teenager/young adults. It also is great self-care for me with my day job as Special Education Manager at the Northwest Children’s Home.

I am very excited to share my enthusiasm for health and fitness with everyone at Rove, no matter what part of your health and fitness journey you are on! Let’s do this!